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Argan Oil - Oren Farm
Argan Oil - Oren Farm  

Oren Farm Visitor Center and Argan Oil Factory Moshav Netiv-Hagdud

Oren Farm is located in moshav Netiv-Hagdud – the entrance is from road 90(for travelers who come from the direction of Jerusalem\Dead Sea to Tiberius\Kineret or the other way around).
On the tour in the Oren Farm there will be given a peek to the life of an agricultural family in the Jordan Valley, as well as an explanation about the agricultural settlement including the different crops the residents have grown until choosing and specializing on the one that suits the best to the farm's character, to the climate and the regional conditions.
The tour includes:
A visit in the plantations followed by explanations that will allow you to learn and gets to know the way of growing the special trees and fruits:
Grapes: "Early Sweet" green sweet grapes and red grapes "Flame Seedless" with amazing flavor.
Figs: Brazilian figs with sweet special flavor that are recommended for the body health
Dates: The familiar "Medjoul" dates known to be big, juicy and sweet.
Argan: The Argan tree also known as the "tree of life" or "iron tree".
Watch a presentation about the Argan tree explaining about its special qualities, strength, uses and as well about the Argan Oil that is known in its unique abilities for the human body's health and care.
View the Argan Oil Factory Machinery
There will be given a chance to feel, taste and purchase the products of the Oren Farm: Argan oil, figs, grapes and dates depending on the season.
Throughout that whole year it is available to purchase 100% pure Argan oil:
The oil is known in its unique abilities that help the body immune system, balance blood pressure diabetes and cholesterol.
The oil also known as helpful in healing scars, chicken pox, acne, psoriasis, burns, scalp dryness and different skin diseases.
Some use the oil to relief joint pains and strengthen the nails. For its containment the oil stimulates cell regeneration and for that reason it is also used for nurture by adding it to prestige "Anti-Aging" creams for slowing down wrinkle appearance on the skin.
The oil is most common for hair treatment by giving the hair shine, softness, volume and helps against split ends.
The agricultural tour in the Oren Farm is appointed for groups by coordination in advance with Silvi Oren:  054-2326116
Tour length: about one hour.   The tour price will be coordinated in advance.
It is also possible to add light refreshments or a meal with extra charge.        
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